Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Well, hello there...

I am THRILLED beyond belief at the turn out so far today! It was in the late late hours of the evening that I posted the link on my blog and many carepage moms have followed suit and introduced you to this new blog!

I appreciate you stopping and wanted to give you the scoop!

There are artists waiting in the wings - sending me photos and bios each day and as soon as I have all the information I will begin posting them in the 4 sale area for you to peruse! So, even though there are only 2 of us there now...within the week you will see more and more and hopefully more. I am so excited and thank GOD for the response I have been getting from those creative hearts out there!

Also, I want to invite ANYONE to email me (click on CONTACT US) with a blog post! If you are passionate about cancer and the kids it holds for ransom - tell the world about it! If you want to showcase your child and tell a funny story or make a prayer request - write it up and email it to me and I will post them in the order I get them! I promise!

I will be posting this week about the FIRST family to receive a donation from it's 4 the kids! I am so excited to bring you this story!

Check back often, it will never be boring here!
Link to the site or email me for the html so you can add a button to your blog or website!

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