Friday, June 27, 2008


Meet BAILEY! Who just got the best news a little kid could get! CLEAR SCANS and NO MORE TUMOR!!

The following comes directly from the carepages:
"He was diagnosed April 2006 with stage III Rhabdomyosarcoma. Which is a very aggresive soft muscle tumor. His was located in his nasal cavity. He recieved 42 weeks of chemo along with six weeks of radiation which was every single day. He tolerated the chemos really well except for neuropathy on his hands and legs due to one of the chemos, but even that could not stop him.
He finished his last dose of chemo on Valentine's Day of 2007. He relapsed less than one month after that. After that he relapsed we were told that he had less that 10% chance of survival and that they never thought that he would ever be able to get off of chemo. So basically we would keep him for as long as he could tolerate the chemos."

Here's a little look into how Bailey celebrates LIFE! God Bless you, SPOONIES!!

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spongebob coloring pages said...

Hope that this kid get well. We really must praise God for everything. It's a miracle that we are still alive.